Northern Weather; “North River Road” Release

Northern Weather is a Midwest Emo/Punk band based out of Akron, Ohio. A tight-knit mix of laid-back, funny dude’s who respectfully enjoy creating and performing music. Discovering them takes me back to listening to 90’s Punk/Emo for the first time, a rush I shamelessly chase. Still, Northern Weather has their own, fresh sound. They keep it humble, but they are not a band you want to miss out on – a band that perfectly “catches the vibe” of living the mundane in the Midwest. 

After watching Northern Weather perform an energetic set, I was granted the opportunity to discuss their upcoming song release; ‘North River Road’ – A piece that immediately took a place in my heart for the feelings of nostalgia and optimism within me. I was excited, given the glimpses of their personalities on stage and energy that I could not help but notice and endure after the sound of the first guitar strum.

An introspective drive down ‘North River Road’ through Alex’s hometown is behind the inspiration of the lyrics he wrote in late 2019  – in which seemed to come to him with a natural flow. When I asked him what the song itself was about, it’s simply about; “Quitting things that are bad for you”. 

Digging into that concept and the lyrics further, I feel that the lyrics are delivered to you in an uplifting-feel. ‘North River Road’ not only created the imagery of conversing with your subconscious about things you really need to change, but also conveyed taking accountability for your past/current actions, alongside making the changes of things you can control in order to be happy. ‘North River Road’ is a song you will need to be adding to all of your categorized playlists, a fun song that allows you to sink into your thoughts comfortably. With the songs mix of melancholy melodies and punk strings, you will be headbanging as if you are at your friend’s basement show.

Fear you will need more of Northern Weather after the first listening of “North River Road”? You will – but, don’t fear; Northern Weather is preparing us for an album release in 2022. This album will also be busting out some sick new merch. Until you can get this specific fix, you can listen to their tunes on Spotify/Youtube, and find them on their social media platforms. Stay tuned in on the December 17th release using the link below! ~

Only exciting and fresh things are to be expected of Northern Weather.


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