Diva Bleach ‘No Fun’ Review

The self-proclaimed “sparkly pop rock band”; Diva Bleach has emerged out of Phoenix, Arizona with the exciting release of their EP No Fun. The all-girl group delivers energetic tracks that are unapologetically served with a radiating Y2K-Girly aesthetic. The girls grew up listening to artists like Avril Lavigne and Miley Cyrus – then continued onto progressively discovering punk/rock music. Diva Bleach fuses these influences, and undeniably accomplishes doing so by utilizing their originality, ambition, and creating a perfect balance of combined genres.

Opposed to the title of the EP, the catchy chords and twinkly-yet-angsty vocals twisted into No Fun gives off a very fun and bouncy-vibe, even with the ultra-relatable topics of different forms of loss and gain. Throughout the six tracks, No Fun brings imagery of feeling distant, annoyed with feeling emotionally exhausted, the pain of moving on, and empowerment stemming from grief and emotional growth – but with sparkle

‘Circles’ dives us directly into the power of their power-pop with the immediate intro, taking us back to memories of brutal heartbreak (you most likely didn’t deserve). ‘Eggshells’ helps us to remember what red flags are, and enforces the urge to call out the narcissist in your life. ‘Ashes’ pushes feelings of self-defeat in which brings along the realization that things worked out how they were supposed to. ‘White Noise’ encapsulates what an annoyed eye-roll would sound like, viciously. ‘Bad Habits’ will remind you to watch out for your friends a bit more. ‘Pillowcase’ may have you wanting to send an ‘I Miss You’ text (but, don’t). 

Diva Bleach uses an endless list of musical elements, making it hard not to admire what places them as “unique” – in many forms. Due to the clever work behind the first release of Diva Bleach, I would not expect anything aside from fresh, sensational tracks. Keep an eye out as Diva Bleach progresses, I am sure to see them headlining everywhere in no-time.

Band Members; Sydney Roten, Brie Ritter, and Sara Windom


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