MILLY; Eternal Ring Ft Brendan Dyer

With the option to sort through 30 songs, Milly has managed to deliver nine tracks into their latest album; Eternal Ring released September 30th of 2022 via Dangerbird Records. Eternal Ring has officially made it impossible to place Milly in one singular category by displaying their multitudes of sounds throughout the tracks. I was given the pleasure of speaking to Brendan Dyer (Vocals/Guitar) about the process of releasing Eternal Ring, including discussion of favorite tracks, and their recent work with Corey Coffman (Engineer/Musician/Shoegaze Icon). 

Milly is founded on pure creative intention, which seems to make the best music. After a past-project; Furnsss, Brendan wanted to switch-up his musical path; “…I wanted to try new things and not be so concerned with what happens…I just really want to make cool songs, and if this develops into something greater, that’s great. It made it more enjoyable, it unfolded more naturally.” -BD. 

Brendan began writing Eternal Ring after moving to California, enabling us to hear the wavy west coast ambiance subtly integrated into Milly. Eternal Ring could be said to represent Milly’s alternative root-sounds while also combining them with the experimentation of lighter and slightly emo vocals, heavier distortion, alongside always-honest lyrical content. Although Milly has always had a shoegaze element, Eternal Ring further embraces the sound. This all made even more sense after learning Corey Coffman had his magical hands in the Album as well; “…He’s just a really inspiring person. The way he talks about music, it moves him in a way I’ve never seen before. The way he connects with it is really inspiring – maybe even in a way that I see in myself. The working relationship has always made sense. Even if we didn’t do stuff with him, he’d still like it.” -BD

Due to the variety of alternative sounds implemented into the tracks, it’s hard to choose one favorite, but the mutual love for the track “Butterfly” is worth sharing. “Butterfly” is a peaceful space between tracks, serving assurance through Brendan’s calm-tone and strings that cause a floating-sensation. Despite artists’ fears of sharing vulnerable feelings of love, Brendan took the leap on a personal level and wrote one of the best songs on the album. Brendan blushed over the phone;“…The song is sentimental to me because I don’t usually write love songs, if you will. I’m never too direct with how I’m feeling through lyrics, but I felt that was the first time I was. Its a song I wrote for my current girlfriend, I wrote it for her and sent her the demo before we started dating.” -BD. Brendan wanted to express the safety he can provide, and ended up making us all feel safe within Milly as well. 

“Butterflies are such beautiful amazing creatures. There’s sort of a double entendre to it because I felt like it represented actually having butterflies in my stomach. It hopefully translated into the feelings of that song, but I always feel that way when I hear it.”

-Brendan Dyer

Creative decisions had to be made as well, encountering me with the surprise of “Carousel” almost not being on the album. Thankfully, the song made more sense to Milly after being tracked. Personally, I think the concept is important to share in a sense of listeners being able to confide; “…The lyrics to “The End” and “Carousel” are kind of similar, rooted in feelings of anxiety in dying. Living across the country, I didn’t get to see my parents and that was on my mind.” -BD. The slow-motion of “Carousel” absolutely perfected the outro of Eternal Ring, almost portraying a long goodbye. 

Brendan feels Eternal Ring feels like “the natural next progression” of what Milly was doing before. An intention that may set Eternal Ring apart from prior releases; “…We tried to make songs that felt more like something you can bang your head to – Like, rock-and-roll up-to-the-sky.” -BD. On behalf of Milly listeners, I would like to say Milly accomplished their goal of rock-and-roll. 

Eternal Ring is meant to be listened to immediately; whenever, wherever, and on repeat. Stream Milly and keep updated on the band’s future endeavors, there can only be more! 


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