Premiere: “Eddie Kingston” by Resignation

Art by Jeff Caudil

An Ohio band with a message, Resignation releasing an EP thriving with empathy; You Are More Than Right Now via Friend Club Records February of 2023. Resignation’s sound uniquely infuses elements of early 2000’s emo choruses and hardcore vocals that invoke the feeling of rushing to put sneakers on to enjoy the first summer day at the skatepark. The upcoming EP You Are More Than Right Now will consist of tracks covering the important topics of mental health, isolation, and fighting for equality. Through the lyrics of the premiere’d single named after strong mental health advocate; “Eddie Kingston”, there is an expression of confrontation with repressed emotions and coping patterns the tension comes with each day. “Eddie Kingston” paints a large picture of the wearing-and-tearing keeping struggles to ourselves can have on our evolving emotions.

I wrote this song to my family. It’s an admittance of an intense mental health battle and the fears of watching time slip away. I named it after Eddie Kingston, because he’s a collective favorite amongst the four of us (My Wife, Kids, and I). These are the most personal lyrics I’ve ever put to a song. It’s the most vulnerable thing I’ve ever written, but I’m the most of proud it as well.

-Resignation’s , Wes Allen

Experiencing the continuous rise of mental health awareness delivered through artists is continually inspiring. You Are More Than Now will be available February 2023, and “Eddie Kingston” will be available to stream on platforms December 8th, 2022.

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