Heart To Gold Gig Review/Interview

Photo By: Dylan Chazin-Bowman

Minneapolis’s alternative band Heart To Gold released their latest album; Tom via Memory Music April of 2022, followed by a collection of acoustic tracks. Tom is the album I would personally show a friend to introduce Heart To Gold due to the range of style and versatility the mix of tracks creates, featuring contrasting tracks on the “fast and angsty” scale to “soft and sad” comparing songs such as “Overwhelmed” and “Capo”. “Overwhelmed” contains lyricism with arrows all pointing to overstimulating emotions of anxiety and self-frustration. The crashing of symbols and signature-impressive vocal crescendos convey the depth of the song perfectly, accompanying the continuous toxic thought pattern of; “I hate myself for being anxious, but I should blame myself for being so anxious.” The acoustic track “Capo” displays itself as a different sound of Heart To Gold, the gentle sadness in Grant’s voice perfectly delivering the song’s emotions of resentment and the reward of self-respect. 

Heart To Gold came through the multiple-tiered venue Mahalls of Lakewood, OH in 2021 when touring the album Comp. Absolutely killing it both times, Heart To Gold performed in the basement venue of Mahalls the first show, and 2022 brought them the excitement of sharing “the big stage” with Born Without Bones & Housewife on the main-level. 

As I waited for Heart To Gold’s sound-check to end, I tried one of Mahalls festive and always delicious cocktails to kick off the night, which came along gaining the kind pleasure of speaking to Born Without Bones Scott Ayotte (who also played an amazing set that night), before recognizing the group of skater dudes walk into the barside; Heart 2 Gold. Though I spoke to Grant Whiteoak (Vocals/Guitar) at the prior show, it was great to speak further about the band beyond the merch table, and meet the rest of the gang; Blake Kuethe (Drums) & Jim Kiser (Bass).

Kicked back, I asked the band a few questions that lead into a small chill-sesh with some burgers and fries. Heart To Gold seemed thrilled to be back, but honest about having the same nerves. As fans will agree, Tom kicks ass, but it was also revealed new music is already in the works! Any new sound is yet to be determined, given their confidence in legendary producer Will Yip to put his own signature twist on it. This should have us all waiting at the edge of our seats. 

Comparing their first release in 2016 to present day, Grant described their first initial attempt did not incorporate much intended direction as they now feel more directed and structured. It is simply not arguable to state; Heart To Gold is on a motivated steady path of creativity and the chill-yet-lively energy the band members naturally emit shows us the balance itself. 

Although soft spoken, Grant Whiteoak started off the show with an energetically raised voice at the crowd; “Move up! Move up!” before opening up with Tom‘s “Gimme a Call”, and the people listened! It gave me serotonin observing the transformed energy on stage, a live example of artists feeling safe to express themselves like they feel they can not as easily outside of the lyrics and adrenaline. Heart To Gold can confidentially be said to be a promised stunning Live band to be immersed in. With Grant’s admirably focused vocals which could be heard without a microphone, alongside drum-parts you need to see in person to fully comprehend the talent. You can listen to Heart To Gold however you want, they’re fantastic, but experiencing them live may be the best optimal listening experience. It truly is hard to conjure proper words to surpass the description of the performance being “outstanding”, but that is putting it simply. As a listener, you’re just going to have to catch a show and figure it out yourself!


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