Sparkler; “Acid Casualty”

More than a few singles have been released via Flesh and Bone Records this year, including “Acid Casualty” by the Californian band; Sparkler. Sparkler‘s first album Honeydew Dream of 2020 is bluntly heavy on the gaze and features an ambient element of slowcore that appears more frequently than the following releases. Honeydew Dream lead into 2022 singles “Blue Is The Colour” and “Dearly” (Featuring Distressor). The two singles carried upbeat drums and classic slowcore riffs, reminding us of bands such as Kraus and DIIV – if Sparkler must be compared. 

“Acid Casualty” tones down the staple fawned-over “noise”  just enough to strongly embrace the sought-after soft vocal harmonies to be found in Sparkler. Sparkler also has a trend of curating a personal favorite form of lyrical structure of mysterious poetry defined by the individual  perspective. The emotion delivered through the first verse of “Acid Casualty” can be perceived as feelings of self awareness within the situation of feeling appreciative of love one receives, but the reliability is overwhelming. Still, moving past the overwhelming feelings, expression of hope is portrayed through loss-of bitterness through the words;

” It’s a sign waiting on me,

purple sky,

I know

I don’t leer anymore,

I stay right here,

all of me

“Acid Casualty” is only a tease from Sparkler to increase suspense of a future release packed with solid tracks. Stay tuned into Sparkler by streaming and following using the links below, you will not want to miss out on this 2023 release!


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