Blossom “Forlorn”

California band of emo-gazers, Blossom has released a new single; “Forlorn” after their full album release of 2022, Reflections. Reflections highlighted the emo in Blossom, primarily inside the lyrical themes of suffering through abandonment, and symbolism of an ugly breakup. Do I want the band members to stop being so hurt? – of course. Does the pain produce great music? – of course. Art that can make you feel something is something to cherish, and Blossom has carried those feelings through their tracks, though “Forlorn” may take the reward for expression of eternal sadness. 

I have said it before and I’ll say it again; the more guitars, the better, which Blossom heavily utilizes in “Forlorn”. The contrasting riffs of soft melodic strings pairing with heavy guitar breaks deliver the following contents with justice, and shivers down our spines. The title “Forlorn” itself immediately greets us with gloom, and there is not a stronger word to properly represent the lyrics. Prior tracks can be said to convey emotions mostly in story-telling form, but “Forlorn” comes forward extremely honest and vulnerable. The single track portrays deep, unforgivable hurt which triggers the urge to give up on how oneself is feeling. The writer portrays the headspace of feeling consumed by the darkness, accompanied with the question of; “…what am I without this aching?” .  “Forlorn” has personally brought me back to spaces inside of me I almost forgot about, and has reminded me of the sometimes unfortunate beauty of being able to feel something. 

Blossom will leave you with the sensation of pulsing, dry eyes after running out of tears. The fuzz in your brain during a meltdown will be created by the noisy guitar distortion, but it’s going to sound great. Though there is not a plethora of releases from Blossom yet, the past releases have been clean and full, leaving us to expect nothing but hard work and constant creativity. Stream Blossom and keep up on their future endeavors using the links below. 

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