dweller. “Night Theater” Premiere

“Trapped in the space between my thought and movement.”

Alternative New Yorkers, dweller. will be releasing their debut EP All The Things We Carry in tribute to the band’s late friend/bassist. The intensity of excruciatingly painful and exhausting emotion is equally distributed into the 5 tracks with versatility. All The Things We Carry is the perfect gritty, Alt-EP due to the creatively contrasting mix of musical elements such as multiple subgenres of Emo, Shoegaze, and Hardcore. The full EP release is not until March of 2023, but we have been blessed with a February single featuring “Night Theater” ‘s music video. The “Night Theater” music video features snippets of nightmarish figures and informational videos about sleep paralysis. Alongside the unique imagery, there is the metaphor comparing sleep paralysis to a paralyzing depressive state of mind.

The track “Night Theater” is a perfect example of dweller.‘s ability to find synchronicity within being instrumentality and lyrically in-tune, which you can hear within the pairing of slow-motion riffs and lyrics; “Stuck in a familiar place, The world spins but the walls all stay the same.” which give off an isolating feeling, portraying the illusion of being dragged inside of the song itself.

It is hard not to highlight lyricism within “Night Theater”, it is hard to avoid the imagery. Sleep paralysis is a perfect comparison to the way “Night Theater” paints a picture in different shades of gray, describing feelings of watching your life unveil in front of you, but you are not present. You can witness time pass, but things never change. “Night Theater” creates the sinking feeling of wanting to express your suffering, but your screams for help are not heard.  You can not keep trying to run from yourself. Life is going on around you, but time feels delayed and man… you are tired of trying to keep track – I promise you the delivery of sound will be worth the emotion. 

“Night Theater” is only an anticipating small taste of dweller. , but it’s a poetic, distinguished taste. Be a part of the excitement which surrounds this release by streaming “Night Theater” February 13th and keep an eye out for the full release in March! 

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