Quinn Cicala “Spring Street” Single

Author: Austin Wagner

“Spring Street” is the latest self-released single by indie/folk-rock artist Quinn Cicala, currently joined by Samir Tawalare, Matt Caprenegro, and Matteo DeBendetti . Quinn has been releasing music under his name for the last several years and continues to hone his honest, endearing sound on this release. Pinegrove is an easy comparison for what Quinn’s music provides as there is plenty of folk/country twang and instrumentation with vocals that remind me of emo artists like Modern Baseball and the Front Bottoms at times. 

The song starts quietly with Quinn’s soft vocals overtop acoustic guitar and a light and bouncy piano vaguely similar to that found of “Ophelia” by the Lumineers. He seems to be reminiscing on the past while seeing pictures of himself with others and wondering how his circumstances have changed over time. The gentle start gradually moves to a more anthemic sound at the chorus when a larger musical collective comes in and Cicala’s vocals turn closer to a shout than a whisper, wondering; “why is it so hard now that you’re gone?”

The song feels dynamic with softer and stronger portions along with an instrumental break that provides a meditative moment in the music. Throughout the song, Cicala appears to be thinking of previous experiences and how he felt in the moment. Quinn talks about the difficulty of having people drift out of your life in one way or another, even possibly referring to losing the person you used to be. It is a reminder to be present in the good times and fully enjoy them even if you feel they will be there forever because every situation eventually comes to an end and will be looked back upon with nostalgia.

Overall, the single finds Quinn Cicala taking a very retrospective and meditative look on the ebb-and-flow of life through good and bad times. The music offers an indie-folk sound alongside endearing vocals that results in a unique and enjoyable listening experience. Listeners should be looking forward to hearing what comes next for Quinn.

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