Rusted Hearts: “Lean On Me” Premiere

“Mental health is both the easiest and hardest topic to write about. Easy because it’s such a universally experienced journey that so many people know well, but hard because it’s so personal and can be difficult to articulate when you’re still healing. In all writing, I strive to both be realistic about the dark parts of life while offering hope that it does get better and this song especially emulates that.” -Patrick Farmer

CLE Alternative Rock band Rusted Hearts released their latest single “Lean On Me” January of 2023. “Lean on Me” touches upon multiple aspects of mental health, creating a resonating listening experience;

The track portrays the factors in knowing you need to “pick yourself back up” , but one is left to feel used after non-reciprocating energy. “Lean On Me” perfectly represents the term; “You can’t pour from an empty cup” as feelings of emotional exhaustion sprout through lack-of-boundaries. Whether it is friendships or romance, the effects of being a doormat leave you incredibly frustrated with your self-blame.

While the chords create the distorted noise you hear within racing thought patterns, the theme of “feeling used” and “letting it happen” is created by the image of Pat in a clean-slate white jumper as he let’s people paint all over him without a twitch. ” If you’re not falling in love then why did you let me fuck up – For letting you in, for letting you lean on me“, also translated into; why the fuck would you let me pour myself out if it wasn’t the same for you? Surpassing the frustration, enlightenment is expressed within strength; “I won’t let the scars on my arms define who I am, define if I’m deserving of love”. The energy of self-worth is buried inside of the writer, but one must stay determined to heal in order to completely feel this.

Rusted Hearts has been building a name and evolving their elements of Rock and Emo since their debut 2019 EP “Return Home” and seems to have became a popular local favorite. The personal experience of seeing Rusted Hearts perform is just as impressive as their recordings, the vocal stamina and guitar-driven energy does not go unnoticed. Rusted Hearts has more content to unveil in 2023, keep updated by streaming “Lean On Me” and enjoy the video provided by Rusted Hearts/Groveline Media.

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