Pale Shade: Labyrinth/Heavens Feel

“Pretty slow, pretty loud” New Jersey band Pale Shade is to release their upcoming album Darker Days  via Flesh And Bone Records 3/10/23. As shoegaze continues it’s rapid revival coast-to-coast, Pale Shade‘s recent singles harbor the emerging noisy, 90’s-derived elements of current Eastern State shoegaze such as Flatwaves, All Under Heaven and Keep.

January 24th of 2023, Pale Shade released the first single from Darker Days; “Labyrinth“. “Labyrinth” takes the cake for “perfect song title” as it’s powerful distortion makes us feel a bit unhinged as we are taken on a ride of experiencing the writer’s expression of confusion and conflicting emotion. All perfectly tied together; the lyrics, title, and intense strings portray the impossible maze through sound. 

Push you away

I wish you’d stay

But I’ll eat you alive

Cut out your heart and watch you writhe, but I don’t want to

Listeners were then given a valentine’s day treat with the release of “Heavens Feel”, featuring sweet whispers perfectly paired with ethereal synth. “Heavens Feel” emits the energy of a nostalgia I personally did not think could be evolved, but Pale Shade proves me wrong. Though the song would sound amazing placed anywhere on the album, I do hope it’s the perfect intro. 

Pale Shade has been playing shows recently with favorites like Doused, Plight, Cold Joy,  and more as we anticipate Darkest Days. Continuing momentum is to be expected from Pale Shade, that is promised. True fans will keep an eye out for Darkest Days March 10th, and Darkest Days will create new fans if you’re behind the curve. 


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