Louser “Clandestine” Feat. Nick Gammon

An email from No Sleep Records revealed to me Canadian band Louser (currently known as Locator) is in the works of emerging from their small town into the No Sleep Records family with their upcoming release Clandestine. The surprise of getting a taste of the band’s edgy tone I have subconsciously been longing for has fulfilled my desire, and I am stoked to share the announcement of the full release February 17th after a small chat with vocalist Nick Gammon.

Loused has released two singles from the upcoming album, “Stain” and “Phantom” both giving a fantastic combination of the band’s prior tracks like “Vitamin L” and “Light Leaks”. Despite Nick starting out music by playing solo acoustically by the inspiration of the band The Dangerous Summer, Loused has evolved into the more “yelly stuff” Nick became consumed in. Loused is wonderful for providing the now pleasantly rare experience of “feeling the rush” of fast-paced alternative we all know-and-love such as bands like the iconic Balance and Composure, sprinkles of Stand Still-esque vocals, and just a little bit of Anxious

“I grew up and wanted to play more poppy music like that but then as I got older, especially with the local scene, there’s a lot more emo and punk in the scene and I got wrapped up in that. It hits home a little more, so over time I delved into more yelly stuff, and fast stuff.” 

Nick Gammon

Loused also withholds incredible amounts of nostalgia from listening to 90’s Emo bands, but I simultaneously struggle to compare them to any of the “oldies” – which is to love! The two singles “Stain” and “Phantom” deliver these feelings through pop-punk chord chugs and melodic vocals that still manage to be the perfect amount of abrasive. 

Outside of the music, Loused emits a naturally humble but ambitious attitude,  as they should! The band is to be admired for their genuine interest in playing music for fun, their interest in growing the underground music scene, and their priority to feel leveled and equal to their listeners, especially when expressing venue preferences; “Playing a show at eye level feels more comfortable and less like; Oh! Look at us! Small venue, small stage, free beer would be cool.” -Nick Gammon

On top of organic talent, due to honest communication between the tight-knit group and the immense time during covid to revise and polish their album, Clandestine is expected to be a cohesive and refreshing taste of Emo/Alternative for 2023. Once you get your own taste, you will soon realize Loused will become a staple band of the decade. 


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