Life In Vacuum: “Breathing In”

Author: Joe Gamboa

The Toronto-based trio Life In Vacuum delivers an explosive, high-energy brand of aggressive rock that laces merciless-but-musical melodies, paired with passionate vocals and rhythms seemingly spit out by an angry calculator. The calculated result of the equation is many things: compelling, hypnotic, menacing, and undeniably magnetic. Look no further than the band’s first single from the upcoming EP All You Can Quit; “Breathing In” for proof. Brothers Ross and Sasha Chornyy never played music together in their native land of Ukraine, though that changed upon immigrating to Canada in 2004. With Ross on drums and Sasha on guitar and vocals , the pair formed Life In Vacuum ; they were later introduced to acts such as At the Drive-In, The Mars Volta, Refused – that is when everything changed:“The idea was always kind of rooted in punk, but then we were set on experimenting with different sounds and styles and effects,” – Sasha

Prior to the composition of All You Can Quit, current bassist Geoff Albrecht stepped in, making his presence apparent in the songwriting process. “We’re very rigid, my brother and I, so it was good to have a new voice in the fold,” Sasha explains. “It’s not so much a new sound as a new dynamic; the chemistry really works.”

Life In Vacuum’s newest single offers a dynamic that is sure to put your auditory cortex through a ripping interval exercise. “Breathing In” offers a graceful one minute and ten second arpeggiated warm up prior to thrusting you full speed into the chorus.. You receive a fair warning as the chords begin to build and pace quickens.. Just as your heart has reached it’s peak BPM, we are brought back for a rest by the familiarity of the arpeggiated guitar riff the song opened up with. 

With a blend of emo-punk lyrics and delivery that will leave you feeling more emotional than you expected; “Breathing In” is an incredible example of work which shows-rather-than-tells and allows you to feel, rather than being told how to feel. The melodic and emotional delivery pairs nicely with the reflective and wishful lyrics conveying an incredibly emo thesis: “I can stop breathing in and breathing out. Where is my head in the sand?” “Breathing In” will leave you asking; “Is it too late to try? , or can I even continue to muster the energy to work it out?”

All You Can Quit is to release April 14th via Born Losers Records, you definitely do not want to miss out on this one.


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