Proun “I’m Your Eyes”

“Combining memory with personal anecdotes along with themes of uncertainty and movement- Proun makes music to reflect new interpretations of life.”

Ah, spring, what a perfect time for a fresh release – yeah? Get excited, Squamp’s Jamie Weeds’ new project Proun has released the first single “I’m Your Eyes” from their upcoming debut EP “Form”.  If anything must be compared, Proun sort-of sounds like putting Cat Power inside of a dreamo song, but “Form” is so much more than that. “I’m Your Eyes” is only one of three entracing tracks to be released, but it is enough to hypnotize listeners. The EP is wildly cohesive with its focused vocals and blended drums – but you only get one track for now, savor it, cherish it; 

“I’m Your Eyes”  is a gorgeous listening experience, again wow-ing me with feeling as if I just listened to a three minute and nineteen second album. The eerie bass lines and soft vocals make it feel like one is walking through a haunted house, but the house is your own mind, you know? The riffs are suspenseful, keeping us on our toes for the distorted chorus – words themselves emitting the “haunting” feeling as there is presence of a fragile and shifty headspace. The mentioned “dotted line” conveys the uncertainty of how one is feeling or perceiving things, expressing the frustration of highs-and-lows, and how horribly you want to feel one way – not feel everything at once. “I’m Your Eyes” created personal internal dialog such as; “Why am I so capable of wanting the light, yet still so capable of letting it slip?”. 

“I’m Your Eyes” is another way to verbalize; “I am tired, make it all stop, please”, but intricately. 

It is so exciting to anticipate how listeners will react to the rest of the EP, because “I’m Your Eyes” is already more than enough to keep people waiting for the full release. “Form” will be released 5/5/23 via Flesh & Bone Records, alongside a limited run of cassettes you must get your hands on. Stream “I’m Your Eyes” on repeat, it’s going to be a staple track you’re going to want to keep up with.

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