“The Rosies” Upside Down Single Premiere

It may not seem likely for Ohio to be harboring upcoming surf punks The Rosies due to Lake Erie’s lack of “clean waves” (geography never stopped Mom Jeans from bringing Midwest Emo to California), yet the Cleveland band has been gathering an energetic following and has plenty of music treats to announce this year, including upcoming single “Upside Down” releasing May 19th, 2003. The Rosies fuzzy guitar and lofi vocals create radiate fun, “beach day” energy, regardless of surfing circumstances. With the combination of Joseph Figeuroa shredding,  2000’s-esque tone and lazy vowels, upbeat drums and earwormy bass; “Upside Down” perfectly captures the carefree-but-honest energy of The Rosies. “Upside Down” can be pre-saved via links listed below, along with The Rosies current tour dates. Stream The Rosies for intentions of a good day, or to make it through a bad one. 

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