Tedward “Floater” Album Premiere

Cincinatti’s Tedward is onto releasing their upcoming album Floater via I’m Into Life Records 3/17/23 after their debut 2021 release; burnt ends. Floater is a well-transitioned release after burnt ends, as Floater features Tedward’s core 22 Halo-Esque raw vibes evolve into cultivating more elements of fuzzy guitar pedals and lofi-indie vocals paired with distorted harmonies. For being a part of a Midwestern state, Tedward nails the tone of “surf rock” without the waves nearby – they definitely fit the LA-based label and bring fresh noise to a dull cold-season in Ohio.

Floater’s first single release “albona” is a perfect first track/introductory to the album; the song is fast paced and does not slow down, perfectly transitioning into “shooting star”. “shooting star” as a track highlights the indie-punk elements Tedward geniuously found to fit into the song by embracing slide guitar on-overdrive and compressed shouting. Meeting us in the middle are tracks “spencer dr” and “by design”. In personal opinion, “spencer dr ” ties the album together perfectly as it combines the full elements of indie rock and pop the album entails – “by design” must be mentioned due to the songs’ unique vocal style which reminds me of Blur. The second single released “Floater” serves us immaculate slacker-summer vibes with riffs and guitar plucks mimicking the feeling of the first ray of sunshine on your skin after months of being stuck inside before landing us on the last track; “ending”, which quite literally presents a slow ending within the heavy strums and vocals in notes of a long “goodbye”.

With the drop of Floater, “spencer dr” is released with it’s own montage video full of candid shots of the Tedward gang jamming in the middle of a daylit living room in a home I’d like to pretend/assume is located on an actual Spencer Drive. The Tedward carries an almost unexplainable attitude/presence of radiant energy paired with friendly faces – all delivered in sick riffs. Trust it feels good to be able to listen to a band for fun, instead of listening to simply “feel something”… but that scenario is okay too!

Tedward has been seen performing with some personal favorites of my own recently such as Ohio’s Television Blonde and Pennsylvania’s Bleary Eyed, which also brings along the anticipation of seeing their continuing emergence and sparks heavy interest within what they will create next. Listen to Tedward as they are promised to pop-up on your Spotify Discover Weekly regardless, very soon. 

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